Phil and Laurie Brown add their personal touch and expertise to Sport Clips’ signature support structure in the Pacific Northwest

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Phil and Laurie Brown add their personal touch and expertise to Sport Clips’ signature support structure in the Pacific Northwest
Phil and Laurie Brown add their personal touch and expertise to Sport Clips’ signature support structure in the Pacific Northwest
Husband and wife team, Phil and Laurie Brown, provide support to 60 stores in the Pacific Northwest, helping 20 local franchisees achieve their dreams of business ownership in the process

Eleven years ago, Phil and Laurie Brown realized they were ready to stop working for other people and began to look for a franchise business opportunity they could build together.

Their search for a career change that would give them personal freedom brought them to Sport Clips Haircuts, which Phil noted, “…checked all the boxes of what we were looking for in a business opportunity.” After researching and analyzing business options that would allow them to spend more time with their family, Phil and Laurie made the educated decision to join the Sport Clips brand. In 2006, they signed an Area Developer Agreement to develop and support what has become a network of 60 Sport Clips locations in a territory that spans three Pacific Northwest states. In the process, the Browns have expanded their network dramatically and currently support 20 local franchisees in realizing their dreams of business success.  

Through experience, keen business sense, and a deep understanding of the market, the Browns help franchisees identify what is working in an attempt to avoid the potential pitfalls that accompany starting a business. Their hands-on support and industry expertise has created a supportive and successful network of haircutting franchises. The Browns support franchisees through the litany of tasks that can seem daunting to a first-time business owner. These tasks include helping potential franchisees decide if Sport Clips is the right opportunity for them, choosing the best retail location, coordinating and expediting the buildout process, assisting with grand opening, sharing best practices, and monitoring brand compliance.  “Our goal is to teach franchisees the Sport Clips system,” explains Phil, “to help them get off to a great start using these systems, and then monitor their progress to make sure they stay on course for success.”

With regular phone calls, store visits, and quarterly leadership meetings, progress and store performance are monitored, successes are celebrated, and strategy is devised to help each and every store receive a maximum return on investment. Their hands-on support is important. “We always have our franchisees' backs. We are always on the lookout for any potential needs or issues that we observe so we can work with the franchisees to overcome the speed bumps that happen in every business,” Phil says. “Our coaches are trained to assist managers to develop their Team Members so each Client receives a championship haircut experience. They are available to lend their knowledge and work through situations that require attention.”

Utilizing her strong analytical skills, Laurie educates franchisees on the best approach in using data to track and monitor results. Laurie states, “We can see trends that someone who can’t see the bigger picture might miss. We teach our Team Leaders how to better spot and act on these trends.”  

Phil has some advice for anyone considering taking that step into ownership with Sport Clips or any franchise organization: “Understand what it means to own the business and ask a lot of questions. Talk with existing franchisees in the area and find out what daily life looks like so you are fully prepared to make this decision.”

When asked what they look for in a potential owner, Phil says he and Laurie look to see how a candidate’s skills translate from their current background into the haircare industry.

“It really comes down to people skills and how well managers and team members are developed,” says Phil. “This is a service oriented business. We can teach our franchisees the metrics and benchmark tracking, but the desire to develop and grow people is something they must already have.

“Ultimately, success depends on the strength of the franchise model. Sport Clips is a proven system that works. It really comes down to the values Gordon Logan established. ‘Do the right thing. Do your best. Treat others the way they want to be treated.’ If you follow these values, good things happen. That is our top-down approach to working with the Team Leaders (franchisees) in our network.”

This strong level of support is part of what can be expected from the Sport Clips business model. Combined with a nationally acclaimed brand name, you have a business opportunity with solid growth potential.

Sport Clips has experienced significant growth over the past few years that has led to a more strategic approach to future expansion. With select markets still available in the Pacific Northwest, Sport Clips offers an opportunity for an entrepreneur looking to take advantage of the growth potential the brand offers. For more information on this emerging market click here. Not in the Pacific Northwest? See other available markets here


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