Franchise Brands that Men Can Relate To

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Franchise Brands that Men Can Relate To
Franchise Brands that Men Can Relate To
A number of different franchises appeal to the male demographic
Catering to the male demographic has its perks. A Nielsen report found that Millennial males have a purchasing power of anywhere between $125 billion and $890 billion annually. That’s a lot of extra spending money, and more franchises are modeling their businesses to better entice men and their consumer habits.

That’s why, today, there are a number of franchises that offer quality services that appeal specifically to men. But forget those bro stereotypes encompassing all things sports, beer, cars and weightlifting-related—these brands have taken the male-focused concept and refined it. One such brand that does this is Sport Clips Haircuts.

At Sport Clips, the nation’s leading men’s and boy’s hair care franchise, the day’s biggest baseball game is always on the TV. Sports memorabilia decorates the walls. And wood flooring and leather barber chairs exude a welcoming nostalgic feel. This vibe is no accident—the brand was inspired by the barbershops of yesteryear, and Sport Clips’ goal is to appeal to men of all ages in need of a relaxing break from reality.

“Our concept was designed from the ground up to appeal to the male demographic,” said Sport Clips Haircut Director of Franchising Dave Wells. “Our CEO and Founder, Gordon Logan, recognized a void in the haircare market with many barbers getting older and retiring and a lack of interest in the next generation to step in and replace them. Men were forced to go to unisex salons that half-heartedly served the male demographic, but were not exactly places that a man could go and feel comfortable while getting his haircut.”

Sport Clips offers a number of services that harken back to the days of the old school barbershop, but with a modern day spin. Their MVP Experience consists of a precision cut, a hot towel treatment, a relaxing massaging shampoo and a neck and shoulder massage. The brand also goes to great lengths to make sure their clients get a top-notch haircut. Wells said they have employed a custom and proprietary All-Star Cutting System, which is an extensive training program to make sure their stylists are well versed in all types of male cuts.

“Men get comfortable when they know that our stylists focus exclusively on men’s hair and are not transitioning back and forth between cuts, colors, chemical treatments, etc.,” Wells said.

Other hair care franchises like Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club can provide a homey ambiance that many men crave after a long day at work. After all, the brand’s core value, along with giving great haircuts, is to make a man feel like a man, and their wide range of services makes it a welcoming place to be a part of.

The barber franchise pampers its customers with the finest male haircuts and straight-razor shaves. Clients will feel like they are back in their father’s barbershop when they step inside. Kennedy’s unique membership-level-based programs allow members to come into a location, kick up their feet and relax. On any given day, it’s not uncommon to see men playing a game of pool, enjoying a beer or sipping on a warm cup of coffee while chatting with the barbers.
“The experience begins the moment you walk in the door. Guys enjoy coming to Kennedy’s because they get more than just a haircut,” said Kennedy's All-American Barber Club President and CEO Jay Hummer. “The brand was created with the membership in mind because it creates a community of like-minded people who might not otherwise have a go-to place."  

Another franchise concept that men often gravitate toward is state-of-the-art fitness centers. Thanks to its large selection of cardio equipment, toning equipment, assorted free weights and circuit and cross-training equipment, gyms like WORKOUT ANYTIME have become a popular destination for men looking to bulk up, trim down or get into shape.

“Unlike our competition in the ‘value priced’ fitness industry, WORKOUT ANYTIME offers free weights and squat racks so guys can have an intense workout,” said WORKOUT ANYTIME Vice President of Development Randy Trotter. “Younger men throw around the free weights and as they age they use strength and cardio equipment.”

On top of its weight lifting equipment, WORKOUT ANYTIME offers other amenities for its clients, including its luxurious 10-minute HydroMassage and reACT Training System to help train the whole body. And with memberships starting at $15, it’s an affordable investment. Offering reasonably priced memberships and being full of quality equipment are key selling points for membership-based gym franchises.

But at the end of the day, a customer wants a quality level of service. Wells said exceptional service and making the customers feel welcome are key cogs of catering to the male demographic.

“We focus not just on providing a haircut, but in providing an exceptional experience for men and boys that our clients truly appreciate,” Wells said.

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