By working with Supportive Area Directors, Sport Clips Franchisees Are Set Up for Success

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By working with Supportive Area Directors, Sport Clips Franchisees Are Set Up for Success
By working with Supportive Area Directors, Sport Clips Franchisees Are Set Up for Success
Experienced area directors like Adam Moskowitz work with the brand's team of local business owners to help them take their locations to the next level.

With more than 1,530 stores across the globe, there’s no doubt that Sport Clips is at the forefront of the men’s hair salon and barbershop industries. But maintaining that position as the leading brand to beat requires a lot more than just opening up new stores for business. That’s why Sport Clips has a team of area directors who work with its franchisees to guide them through the entire business ownership process.

It starts before franchisees officially sign on to become members of Sport Clips’ ever growing system. Area directors conduct operational interviews with prospective owners before they’ve committed to the brand in order to get a sense of their business objectives and start developing a relationship early on. That relationship then evolves to become a full-fledged support system, with services ranging from business planning to ongoing marketing efforts.

“We wear a lot of different hats in our day-to-day operations. Ultimately, we’re here to help our team leaders run the best businesses they possibly can,” said Adam Moskowitz, Sport Clips’ West Coast Area Director. “That means acting as consultants on all levels in order to improve Sport Clips locations to make them more profitable.”

Providing that wide range of support services means there’s no such thing as a typical day in the office for area directors like Moskowitz. The position is incredibly hands on—they’re in the field about 80 percent of the time working with their group of franchisees. Sport Clips’ area directors also have a hand in multiple aspects of the brand’s local businesses. They break down what needs to be done in terms of building a business, marketing the brand to a new community and ensuring that operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Sport Clips area directors also complete audits of local salons and then provide feedback in order to identify specific areas where businesses can improve. That detailed information is ultimately what allows the brand’s franchisees to be so successful. But despite how detailed Sport Clips’ business plan can be, Moskowitz says being profitable comes down to one simple thing.

“The biggest thing I tell my team leaders is that this is a proven franchise system. When they correctly execute the guidelines of Sport Clips’ business model, success follows in short order,” said Moskowitz. “At the end of the day, the more dedicated and willing the team leader is to following the system, the better off they are.”

Area directors don’t provide franchisee support on their own—there’s a network of experienced professionals who bring a variety of skills to the table. For example, there are 73 Sport Clips locations in Moskowitz’s region alone. In order to best serve those local business owners, Moskowitz works with four area coaches who provide weekly ongoing training and an area operations director who works on more of a relationship management level with the brand’s franchisees.

“Our goal on the corporate level is to be as transparent and accessible as possible to our team of talented local business owners. That’s why we have area directors like Adam checking in with franchisees on a regular basis,” said Dave Wells, director of franchise development for Sport Clips. “Their continued support and ongoing education gives Sport Clips owners a competitive advantage in the increasingly popular salon industry.”


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