Sport Clips' Stable Business Fuels Impressive Momentum and Growth

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Sport Clips' Stable Business Fuels Impressive Momentum and Growth
Sport Clips' Stable Business Fuels Impressive Momentum and Growth
By offering a premium service consumers can't find anywhere else, the brand is able to grow despite the volatile American economy.

For a large majority of franchise concepts, the success of their business is limited by the ups and downs of the economy. When consumers don’t have extra cash to spend, they skip frivolous activities like dining out in order to save for what really matters. But because Sport Clips—the leading brand redefining what it means to offer customers a true, MVP haircut experience— offers a service that customers typically don’t do themselves, it’s able to maintain strong unit economics regardless of the condition of the American economy.

The brand’s proven this to be true for more than two decades—Sport Clips has continued to grow its stable, cash-based business despite the country’s volatile economic climate. The brand boasts over 1,530 stores globally and has an established presence in all 50 states.

“As new franchisees enter our system and existing business owners sign on to expand their reach, we continue to sell out more and more territories across the U.S.,” said Dave Wells, director of franchising for Sport Clips. “We’re able to offer these development opportunities because of our loyal customer base—they know they’re going to get the best possible hair cut experience when they walk through our doors.”

That superior hair cut experience, along with Sport Clips’ unique environment, has positioned the brand as the one to beat in the industry. Its reputation among consumers is unmatched, which is evident in the brand’s bottom line. In fact, Sport Clips recently celebrated passing the $3 billion mark in overall sales. And it reached that major milestone just two years after it hit $2 billion.

That impressive growth rate isn’t expected to slow down for Sport Clips any time soon. The brand’s existing franchisees are pursuing multi-unit development and purchasing new licenses for territories at a record rate, which demonstrates the brand’s climbing momentum. New franchisees are also signing on to open up their own locations in key development markets, positioning the brand for rapid expansion in the months and years to come.

“There’s no doubt that this is an exciting time for the Sport Clips brand. We’ve been experiencing record breaking growth so far in 2016, and we’re excited to continue pushing the envelope and driving our business forward as we move into the rest of the year,” Wells said.

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