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Brand Info


Sport Clips Haircuts offers owners a way to transition from their day job and pave a path to greater financial and personal freedom through investment in a simple, multi-unit, semi-absentee business model.  

For 25 years, Sport Clips Haircuts has been raising the bar in the men’s hair salon industry. It’s a winning concept – a great haircut experience for men and boys’ in a sports-themed environment, at a reasonable price. We offer relaxing amenities and our signature service, the MVP Experience, is a 20-minute, no-appointment necessary session that includes a precision haircut, legendary hot steamed towel, massaging shampoo, and relaxing neck and shoulder treatment.  And now clients can check in online for their next mini Man Break anytime, anywhere!  It’s convenient, flexible and saves clients time for their next haircut.   

For the second consecutive year, Entrepreneur Magazine has recognized Sport Clips as a Top 10 franchise in its “Franchise 500”.  Steadily climbing the ranking over the years and claiming a top spot is validation of the brand’s strong position, industry presence and responsible growth strategy. This demonstrates Sport Clips continued dominance as a leader in the haircare industry. With more than 1,700 stores, Sport Clips is the only haircutting franchise with a presence in all 50 states and Canada.

How much does it cost to own a Sport Clips?

The cost to own a Sports Clips or investment expenses include:

  • Total Investment: $189K - $354K for first store
  • Franchise Fee: $59,500 for 3 licenses
  • Royalty: 6%
  • Required Net Worth: $400K
  • Liquid Assets: $200K
  • Qualified Veterans receive a 20% discount on franchise licensing fees


A Business You'll Be Proud To Own

As a Sport Clips franchise owner, you will have the ability to own a business that capitalizes on the men’s and boy’s haircut segment of a $60 billion hair and beauty market.  The men’s segment of the haircutting industry is the most efficient; with no chemicals, easier-to-execute haircuts, and lower inventories. 

For entrepreneurs looking to build a business, Sport Clips is an easy-to-understand business model that’s simple to execute while offering something every guy needs…a Championship Haircut Experience in an exciting sports environment.  You are investing in a business that allows you to have ownership while maintaining your current career.  You hire a manager to run the day-to-day operations while you keep your current job and build your Sport Clips business for the future.     

Why is a Sport Clips Franchise A Great Investment?


  • A proven concept and simple, easy-to-execute business model 
  • Recession-resistant – in good times and bad, hair grows
  • Stable, all-cash business with no receivables
  • Minimal inventory and no waste – unlike a restaurant franchise, nothing spoils
  • High loyalty and stability with clients returning every 3-4 weeks
  • Outstanding training and a winning team to support you every step of the way 
Fast Facts
  • Franchising Since: 1995
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee Operating Units: 88.2%
  • Total Franchise Operating Units: 1,700+
  • Company Operating Units: 56
Imagine Your Life As A Sport Clips Owner

We look for candidates with strong managerial and communication skills, who enjoy working with and developing people, and marketing their stores.  As a Sport Clips owner, you will work with the manager and oversee multiple units.  Your primary responsibility is to market your business and drive sales. No haircare experience is necessary. Build a solid future with support and stability from a trusted brand along with lifestyle flexibility and financial freedom as a Sport Clips owner!   

Why I Bought

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Peter Barrios.

As the owner of one of the largest insurance agencies in Southern California, Barrios knows what it takes to build and run a thriving business from the ground up. So when it came time to diversify his portfolio with a proven business model that would adequately prepare him for a stable future, he decided to put his entrepreneurial experience to good use. Without a doubt, Barrios knew his next business venture would be in franchising, but when it came to settling on the perfect concept, he had a bit of searching to do.

Thanks to his friend Oscar Navarro, a Sport Clips franchisee in California who also owns an insurance agency, Barrios was introduced to the major upsides of the salon industry—he also quickly realized that within that industry, Sport Clips was clearly a cut above the rest.

For Barrios, it was ultimately Sport Clips’ unique culture that influenced him to become an owner. The brand’s executive team, he says, felt like a family—even as Sport Clips continued to grow past 1,530 units. That kind of support and genuine level of care was something he’s never experienced in all his years in business.

“This is a company that knows what they want. They know what kind of character, morals and qualities to look for in team leaders, and it transcends the entire system,” Barrios said. “When I attended a Discovery Day back in August, I was blown away—from the president to all the vice presidents, they all took the time out of their busy schedules to get to know me personally and answer my questions. In return, they were open to letting me get to know them, too. That day, I knew it was a company I would be proud of representing—one that I’d work my tail off for every single day.”

Click here to learn more about Peter Barrios.

Executive Q&A

1. What about Sport Clips makes it unique within its industry?

  • Sport Clips Haircuts is the dominant men’s and boy’s haircut franchise in North America and the only hair care concept operating in all 50 states, plus five provinces in Canada.  The men’s segment of the haircutting industry is the most efficient; with no chemicals, easier-to-execute haircuts, and lower inventories.
  • We have a 99.4% franchise continuity rate, an honor based on five years of real data, during which time only six Sport Clips stores have closed in the entire country.
  • We have a responsible growth plan, adding 150-170 locations each year while maintaining high standards for sites and franchisees (Team Leaders).
  • A Great Experience:
    • From a client’s perspective, there are many options to choose from, but what makes Sport Clips different is the experience we provide. Clients receive a haircut from stylists who specialize in men’s and boys’ hair care and who have all completed training in our All Star haircutting system. We offer relaxing amenities and our signature service, the MVP Experience, is  a 20-minute, no-appointment-necessary session that includes a precision haircut, steamed towel, invigorating massaging shampoo, and relaxing neck and shoulder treatment in a unique, sports-themed environment. Our clients enjoy sports on TV while they get their haircut, and if you’re a traveler within the U.S. and Canada, you can get the same experience at any one of our 1,600 locations.
    • We emphasize not only the client experience, but also the stylist experience.  For example, our floors are anti-fatigue “sport court”-type floors, which make it much more comfortable for our stylists who are on their feet all day; shampoo units are European-style, where the stylist stands behind the client to perform the massaging shampoo – more comfortable for our clients and easier on our stylists’ backs. And, we offer tremendous career opportunities for our stylists - management track, educator track, and even, salon ownership. Some of our top management team members are licensed professionals, including the founder’s wife!


2. What have been some of the brand's most important milestones over the past five years?  

  • Sport Clips has been growing at a rate of 130-160 stores per year.  In the last five years we’ve nearly doubled in size going from 835 stores to over 1,600 stores open today and have a 99.4% “franchise continuity rate” – unheard of in the industry.
  • Expanded to Canada in 2012 and now have 31 stores open. 
  • For the last five years, Sport Clips continues to move up in the Entrepreneur Magazine Rankings – from #91 in 2012 to #16 in 2016.   
  • For the last three years, Sport Clips was rated by Forbes Magazine as one of the 10 best franchise investments in our cost bracket ($150,000-$500,000)…no other hair care franchise was listed in any of the three categories.
  • This year, Sport Clips reached $3B in haircut sales.  We should hit $5B in another 2-3 years. 

3. What plans does the brand have in the coming years? 

We are continually testing ways to enhance the  Clients’ experience  as well as the Stylists’ experience within Sport Clips.  Technology is always a focus for us, and we  are in the process of implementing  mobile check-in software/hardware package and plan to have it fully functional by next summer.  The ability to have our clients go online/phone and see wait times, pick their favorite stylist, and get in the queue will be really good for our experience.    

4. What does an ideal franchisee look like?

We look for candidates with strong managerial and communication skills, and who enjoy working with, and developing, people and marketing their store.  This is a people business. Franchisees will work with the manager and oversee multiple units.  Their primary responsibility is to market their business and drive sales.


5. Why is Sport Clips a good investment? 

From an owner’s perspective, Sport Clips is the #1 Haircare franchise that caters to the millions of men and boys in the U.S. and Canada, a niche market and one that’s not highly impacted by the economy or internet…men and boys need a haircut every few weeks.  Sport Clips offers a semi-absentee, recession resistant, lifestyle franchise (12 to 15 hours per week is typical), most continue to work at current position while building investment in the business.  Transition to full time business ownership is usually around 5 open stores. The concept is also highly scalable (our largest franchisee recently reached 50 stores open) and has a relatively low investment level ($183K - $351K per store).



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